Actor: Joo Won

STYLE LOG/RANT: Lee Joon vs Joo Won


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. 131005 8Seconds Opening.


Joo Won’s shirt post:

Score!!! I finally identified an article of clothing of MBLAQ’s which I’ve been dying to do but MBLAQ wears understated pieces most of the time and let’s be honest, only the greatest amongst us can tell one striped shirt from another. But here’s Lee Joon wearing the same shirt as Joo Won! I’m sorry for posting this shirt twice in a row but I couldn’t resist posting some MBLAQ in this blog because I really love them.

Speaking of which, Lee Joon has been making great success as an actor. Check out Rough Play or 배우는배우다 directed by Kim Ki-duk. I can vouch for Kim Ki-duk’s work too, he’s one of my favourite korean director and he’s one of the very few Korean directors who made it Cannes and Berlin 🙂

STYLE LOG: Joo Won, The Good Doctor


Joo Won in KBS Good Doctor Episode 15

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.22.17 PM

Wearing General Idea WH/Kabow Shirt, ₩185, 000.

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I’m a little later than most that follow the series as I only just finished it! Joo Won’s acting scores 10 out of 10 as per usual and the drama is really unique and it has a personal significance to me so I really enjoyed it. He wears a lot of nice shirts in that movie, some of which I’m still trying to find but this piece in particular is really pretty! I wish i was a guy sometimes so I could wear shirts like these to work hehe.