Brand: 3MONTHS


Hello everyone! Long time no see! I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. School just took such a toll and me and I haven’t even finished posting or vlogging for Korea as well 😦 I’m dying to finish it but I just have no time to do so! I just finished 3 tests this week so I’m taking some time to tell you about a new brand I’ve discovered.

So I’m introducing a new series; STYLE NEWS. This segment is going to be about new/ lesser known korean brands which I find are still pretty great and their price range isn’t that bad either. Also, I will try as much as possible to communicate with the people in charge so I can have more information for you 🙂

Today’s brand is 3MONTHS, started by Hoon and Baeaki. Check them out on instagram as well, they have amazing feeds (@hoong0 & @baeaki). I am so in love with their tote bags and their phone covers!

»çÁø_3 Áý 7

As you can see, all their eco tote bags are really pretty and their designs are so relatable to daily life! What I love most about it is that their English is perfect and so is the spelling. A thing about Korean independent designers is that when they try to use English, sometimes it makes you cringe. Everything is perfect though at 3MONTHS.


I emailed them regarding international mailing but they haven’t replied me yet. So fingers crossed, I will get a reply soon and I’ll update it here!

Till next time 🙂