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Style Rant: Kyungsoo and Sweaters

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned this so many times on Twitter now but I absolutely love the sweater/blazer weather. We don’t get that much in Singapore. The cold is always coupled with the wet and so when we wear sweaters, we half wish we didn’t have to wear wellingtons as well but oh well, you can’t have the best of both worlds.


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I already mentioned in my introductory post that I absolutely love how Kyungsoo dresses. He has very narrow shoulders and he’s tiny compared to most k-pop idols. I really like it when he doesn’t try to hide it though, he looks like an overgrown baby with shoulder padding so I love it when he wears sweaters that frames him properly.

Besides sweaters, I also love graphics! EXO has been getting me into the simple sports lettering on shirts and jumpers and although i draw a line when it comes to PYREX gym shorts, I really am in love with Lazyoaf’s line. Lazyoaf doesn’t come cheap though and shipping is an absolute pain in the butt. But for those of you who live in UK and Europe, you should be able to get your hands on this baby, no problem. Check out their totes too, they’re insane!

EXO-K’s Do Kyungsoo. As seen at 인천공항 Arrival from Germany, 130926

Lazy Oaf Sandwich Arm Sweatshirt, £75.00

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Picture Credit: Watermark in picture, Lazyoaf