Brand: Misbehave

STYLE LOG: Rhuthless BTS Misbehaves


BTS 130926 엠카운트다운

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Wearing Rhude Rhuthless Longsleeve T-shirt, $130

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BTS 130929 그린리본마라톤 Concert


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Wearing Misbehave Phuck Yo Hood Longsleeve, €57

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The one thing about BTS is that they constantly wear the same shirts. Its kind of the BAP concept except that BAP got tired of that after one MV but BTS has been doing this for two songs. It helps that attention isn’t really drawn onto one member because sometimes stage clothes can be distracting (also its much easier for me to find). I am trying to find out what they wear individually under their baseball jackets they keep wearing for fansigns but its pretty hard. They really are doing a good job with this whole uniform thing.