MBLAQ: Lee Joon



MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 10.09.06 PM

Wearing Lacoste L!VE Tennis Patch Zip Up Sweatshirt, ₩168, 000.

Available here: http://shop.lacoste.co.kr/goods/goods.do?styleCode=SH6767-33&colorCode=74F


MBLAQ’s Mir.


Wearing HAZZY’s X Steve J and Yoni P Logo Clutch Bag in Black, ₩155, 950.

Available here: http://www.lgfashionshop.com/product.do?cmd=getProductDetail&PROD_CD=HI2H3F514BK&ITHR_CD=IT0701&PLAN_SQ=20915

MBLAQ went for shopping for Dispatch’s “Star Close-Up” special and they went to a shopping mall in Ulsan. I’m not sure when but this was either before their MBLAQ Sensation Tour. This is probably the first time I’ve seen Mir dress in such bold clothing though, usually they stick to patternless clothing like Seungho and G.O. on this trip but Mir went for such a bold clutch.

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 10.23.00 PM

Skono Revolution Nordlys, ₩198, 000.

Available here: http://shop.skonokorea.com/Product/View.asp?Param1=1&Param2=22&Param3=0&Pinx=1017

Seungho, Joon and Cheondoong tried on these Snoko shoes and since they did end the trip with Skono shopping bags, I’m inclined to believe they bought the shoes they tried on. Of course, these are only guesses! 😉 Joon tried on the yello, Seungho the red, Cheondoong the camel ones and Mir the blue ones. Cheondoon really did buy the camel ones, he walked out wearing them.

STYLE LOG: 131028 Lee Joon in TBJ


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. 131028 Lee Sora’s Music Plaza.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 12.52.33 AM

Wearing TBJ Nearby Stripe Round Knit in Orange, ₩59, 900.

Available here: http://www.lotteimall.com/goods/viewGoodsDetail.lotte?goods_no=1014144069&infw_disp_no_sct_cd=40&infw_disp_no=5033047&allViewYn=N&slog=00301_1

Oh wow this took a lot of hardwork to find! MBLAQ’s clothes are the hardest to catalog because firstly, they don’t make that many appearances. Also, they endorse a lot of korean brands. They also stick to more plain clothes which is REALLY hard to find without logos or distinctive features.

STYLE LOG/RANT: Lee Joon vs Joo Won


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. 131005 8Seconds Opening.


Joo Won’s shirt post: https://stripesandanchors.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/style-log-the-good-doctor/

Score!!! I finally identified an article of clothing of MBLAQ’s which I’ve been dying to do but MBLAQ wears understated pieces most of the time and let’s be honest, only the greatest amongst us can tell one striped shirt from another. But here’s Lee Joon wearing the same shirt as Joo Won! I’m sorry for posting this shirt twice in a row but I couldn’t resist posting some MBLAQ in this blog because I really love them.

Speaking of which, Lee Joon has been making great success as an actor. Check out Rough Play or 배우는배우다 directed by Kim Ki-duk. I can vouch for Kim Ki-duk’s work too, he’s one of my favourite korean director and he’s one of the very few Korean directors who made it Cannes and Berlin 🙂


Well hello there,

I guess you have somehow suffered a terrible bout of misfortune to land here. This blog will be yet another addition to my five or other blogs because for some reason I see the need to blog about everything of different topics in different blogs.

I’m going to make this my kpop misc blog, because, well, I don’t want to plague my other blog with unnecessary and already unhealthy feels.

Besides loving idols and their never-ending antics, I have fallen in love with their fashion. I love the fact that we kpop fans already have a term for dressing up at the airport – 공항페션 or airport fashion. In fact, more than looking at the faces of idols (especially my non-biases), I look at what they’re wearing. I know, I know, some of them have stylists to style them up but I don’t really care because airport fashion is amazing.

So I guess I should start with who and what I like so that I don’t disappoint you.

First of all, my kpop biases would be DMTN’s Simon, 2PM’s Junho, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, EXO’s Lay, Kris and Chen, BTS’ J-Hope and V and BlockB’s Ukwon and B-Bomb. BUT my k-fashionistas would be 2PM’s Junho, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, EXO’s D.O, Kai and Kris and BigBang’s TOP. Yes, I am a girl and I guess i should really be looking at how girls dress instead but i…don’t…really…care???

I guess I would say I prefer a casual but sophisticated style. So my favourite dressers would definitely be 2PM’s Junho, I swear, I have never seen one bad airport pic of that boy. The one who skirts on the line here would be EXO-M’s Kris. I love the boy to death and I absolutely love that he’s interested in fashion but his fashion sense sometimes make me wince and if you have not seen him in his floppy hats and matching graphic sweat set, I would tell you to not even go there.

The surprising one would be EXO-K’s D.O. He wouldn’t be first choice for a lot of people, whether it comes to his voice or visuals, definitely not his height. In fact, in EXO he is apparently the worst dresser? I disagree with that. He doesn’t try hard when it comes to fashion, certainly, he sticks to blacks and classics. He isn’t as flashy as Tao or Kris but he (unconsciously?) looks the best because he looks comfortable and still impeccable which not a lot of people can pull off.

I guess I’m going to use this blog to talk about fashion I guess and maybe reviews on what my biases (or whoever I feel like blogging about) wear? Also I might share wishlists from time to time and they’re just going to remain as wishes I guess.

Pictures on this blog are not mine. Credits lie with their original owners.

Have fun and please comment! 🙂

안녕! ^^