Personal: Chatter


Hi everyone!

Regarding the updates, they will definitely be slowing down and I know some of you might be disappointed but I will try my best to! And I would also like to remind everyone that I am not a fanbase, a fansite nor am I an online shop. I have my own biases, my own opinions and I can style log whoever’s outfits I choose. ALSO, I would like to highlight the fact that a lot of these websites especially the Korean ones only have single links and I AM SORRY if you happened to upload it earlier than me or if you have the same links. I can assure you, my intention is not to copy.

(Does it make sense though to provide a link for THISISNEVERTHAT top through musinsa rather than the website itself, idk.)

ALSO, I’ve mentioned it once or twice that I’m going to Korea for the summer. Well its 10 days till the flight and my friends and I have decided to make a blog as well as a youtube channel for vlogs. So if you want to, you can follow that blog as well and I promise I will try to update more.

Follow me if you want: